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We are skilled at captivating the high-end customer, so we specialise in working with premium lifestyle brands. Premium brands are those that must be desirable enough to command a price above the status quo. Whilst this is broad in terms of the industries we work with – Fashion, Beauty, Interiors, Retail, Property, Lifestyle and Travel – it’s niche in terms of approach.

Premium brands are built on loyalty, driven by an emotional bond formed in the hearts and minds of their customers. We specialise in brands whose customers are: of high net worth or have a high disposable income, elusive, savvy and maybe even a little cynical, value authentic experiences over possessions, choose quality over price and are all about the emotional purchase. We know these customers inside and out, we understand their motivations.

Building on this knowledge we show brands how to engage in a way that can't be ignored. We challenge them to be remarkable. The results of this approach speak for themselves in our Beerenberg Rebrand that resulted in a 30% increase in sales nationally.

Do you view design as a business investment? If so we’d love to talk about how we can help.

Premium brands are those that must be desirable enough to command a price above the status quo.
Tiny Hunter Expertise


  • She is extremely brand loyal, she knows what works for her and why.
  • Expertly mixes trends and her own style.
  • In touch with pop culture and the latest trends.
  • Has more in common with women who live in London and New York than she does with those in middle Australia.
  • Weary of traditional 'mass' marketing.


  • He travels four times a year. Two for business, two for pleasure. Always in style.
  • Convenience is a necessity in his 'always-on' lifestyle and he'll happily pay for it.
  • Eats out with friends and shops for fashion weekly.
  • Early adaptor and is tech savvy.
  • Often indifferent to mainstream media.
Beerenberg jars

These customers are discerning and in need of a genuine connection with the brands they welcome into