A courageous brand that truly represents the transformative power of working with Sheila V.


Sheila V is the founder of Empowering Intuition. She is a spiritual teacher, mentor, intuitive guide, executive coach and author of Brave: Courageously Live your Truth. She left the corporate world as a C Suite Finance Director and has mastered the art of blending two diametrically opposite careers. She is an expert psychic medium, a powerful manifestor and has written the play book on how to break the rules. We wanted to create a brand aesthetic that reflected Sheila’s truly unique combination of skills, passion and experience. It needed to be bold but also intuitive and sensitive…


Through our rebrand, including beautiful imagery by world renowned photographer Julie Adams — we captured the powerful person Sheila is and represented the transformation that Sheila brings to people’s lives.


A powerful brand image, ready to support Sheila V in her mission to transform lives. One very happy client, and incredibly positive feedback from the market.

Sheila V \ Founder
Empowering Intuition

“Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude! That is truly what I am feeling now. ❤️  I spent many years with severely buck teeth, dark facial hair and feeling too brown and too different. This thinking shaped me for a long time. 😊 I am deeply grateful for the immensely talented team that surrounded me and held me on Friday for my brand photo shoot and to Emma Scott for building my brand. Emma you are the best there is in creating a brand. You are a true visionary!”


Brand visualisation
Website design

Photography by Julie Adams
Styling by Mars Marsanic
Makeup by Elsa Morgan
Hair by Ray Robinson

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