A master at her craft, Pauline engages with high performing entrepreneurs and powerful enterprise companies as a motivational speaker. She needed a sophisticated brand that presented her level of expertise, and her mastery while at the same time, ensuring her unique approach and personality shone through.


Pauline has a truly unique approach to mentorship. As co-owner of the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world (The Red Lantern), a best selling author and a spiritual entrepreneur – her guidance is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. Which is probably why she’s one of the most frequently booked speakers in the world… So our aim was to reposition the Pauline Nguyen brand to reflect this sophisticated, world-class offering as an international speaker and developmental coach.


Pauline Nguyen is the rarest of creatures — a person of many talents and skills. A person of the most interesting and unexpected juxtapositions. She cannot be defined by one faculty or one dimension. And to limit or pigeon-hole her would be at the detriment of humankind. She is powerful and determined, playful, sensual, and always authentic. She is a badass by design. And we needed to create a brand to honour that. One that taps into her Vietnamese heritage in a very modern way, while representing her mastery in merging science with spirituality, to achieve extraordinary results in working with entrepreneurs and people seeking to find the best version of themselves.


By combining seemingly incoherent design styles, we created a brand look and feel that represents Pauline in all her facets. Part ninja with Japanese manga style animations, part spiritual shaman with patterns influenced by mandala designs taken from ancient spiritual teachings, are all wrapped in a modern and elegant framework to represent the unique style of Pauline Nguyen.


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