Brand and the fight for talent

There is a serious talent shortage in Australia right now. How is your brand helping you attract and retain employees and build a culture people want to be a part of?

Branding Before Breakfast Ep 108 Transcript\ Brand and the fight for talent

Hi everyone. I’m Jodie, I’m the MD at Tiny Hunter and, you know, I think we’re all a little bit guilty of thinking a lot about the brand in relation to customers getting new customers, keeping our customers, and those sorts of things, but given the talent shortage that’s going on in Australia at the moment, we really need to think about our brand and how that is impacting our team and our culture. So, you know, I think 20% of Industries are experiencing an employment shortage on average.

So, you know, you’re looking for candidates, they’re hard to find, and then why are they going to pick you? So they’re going to want to understand where you’re headed your purpose, they want to know what your culture is like the values, and what’s important to your organization? because they’re assessing you on many more things than just the role and the remuneration that’s a hard word to say. So for today, I think it’s really important that we all think about our brand, what we stand for, what makes it different, and our values and we think about how have we infused that through our entire people management side of things.

So when you’re hiring, someone, are you talking about your values? Are you interviewing based on them? When you’re coaching your team in terms of their reviews, and those sorts of things. How are you, living, and breathing the brand and bringing that through, to everyone in the organization and, you know, if their values are not aligned, you need to be thinking about it from a firing point of view, which is very difficult when you’re in a talent shortage market, but having people that are not brand aligned in your organization is going to make all your other amazing team members unhappy so sadly that’s they have to go, which I know is difficult when they might be performing from a job point of view but culture is everything.

So for today, think about your employment practices, your culture, and your team, and what you could be doing to really bring that brand to life. So that helps you compete in a talent short market.

That’s it from me. It’s time for brekkie.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: May 18, 2022

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