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Your brand strategy is meaningless if it isn’t brought to life with a distinctive and memorable brand identity. You likely have an incredible product or service, but it’s actually perception that is going to be the deciding factor when it comes to someone engaging with your business.

Your brand identity works to emphasise the factors defined in your strategy that make you, uniquely you. The emotional connectors that engage your audience and position your product or service as more desirable. It’s what allows premium products to charge prices above the status quo.

Brand identity is the expression of your strategy through how it looks, sounds and feels – the culmination of your visual and verbal identity. The visual aspects of a brand are most commonly addressed, but there is also huge value in ensuring every person across the business is communicating in a consistent way, and delivering the most important messages about your business.

Once you have your brand identity in place you are ready for brand expression – bringing your brand to life seamlessly across your key touchpoints and marketing activity.

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brand identity design in Sydney

Understanding who your customers are, their plans, desires, challenges, needs and drivers, their personas, the aspects of your offering that offers value to each persona, each audience – these are the insights that underpin your brand strategy. This is what helps to create the blueprint of your brand and the messaging that it should convey.

brand identity design by Tiny Hunter

How you bring this all to life, make it work, make it matter – is by establishing your brand identity. And it just so happens that building brand identities which bond with your customers, break boundaries and firmly encapsulate your position and value is our specialist area of expertise.

As a leading agency for brand identity design Sydney wide, Tiny Hunter offers a full array of services to light up your brand and visually bring it to life – with impact and with consistency. We work with customers to ensure their brand really lands a punch. We help brands make an impression, achieve cut-through, be remembered and be valued. Our brand identities drive real business impact.

So how can we help drive your business forward?

explore our brand identity services

As the preferred brand identity agency Sydney wide for many businesses, Tiny Hunter offers a full spectrum of brand identity services. Whether you are seeking a complete brand transformation, a brand refresh or need to establish a brand identity for a new business or product, we have the experience and expertise to help realise your objectives.

Our brand identity services include:

Brand visualisation

Our expert creatives can help transform your brand strategy into a visual identity, establishing the look and feel of your brand from your logo to brand colour palette, your brand font and style to your iconography.

It’s not only your messaging but the visual aesthetic of your brand which should speak to and resonate with target audiences.

Tone of voice

As the saying goes, it’s often not about what you say, but how you say it. Defining the tone of voice for your brand will go a long way to cementing a particular brand perception. Working with our wordsmiths, our customers truly find their voice, defining a tone of voice that gives their brand a personality that is truly reflective of who they are.

Brand guidelines

Creating your tone of voice and visual identity is great, but to ensure consistency, you will need to ensure clear brand guidelines are in place which can be followed and governed.

Our team can develop a brand book with specific guidelines which depict how your brand should be represented in all communications, including style of photography, use of your logo, fonts to be used, when and how to use brand colours amid various other elements.

Brand collateral

Put your new brand visuals in front of the world by incorporating your brand identity into your brand collateral. Tiny Hunter are on hand to help translate your visual identity across all your key brand sales and marketing collateral including website, brochures, datasheets, catalogues, exhibition stand designs – even your pens and notebooks!


Your brand identity doesn’t just need to be reflected in your sales and marketing collateral, but your product packaging too. As one of the most frequently encountered customer touchpoints, it is important to ensure product packaging portrays the consistent brand perception and position as every other touchpoint in the customer journey.

be the brand you’re meant to be

Ensure the value you have to offer is clearly heard and appreciated by establishing a strong, authentic brand identity. As the leading experts in brand identity in Sydney, we’re here to help your company realise its full potential. Together, let’s build the brand you’re meant to be and carve your path towards business growth.
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