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Position your brand around your customer for long term growth

Consumer insight
Brand blueprint
Messaging matrix

To create true engagement, and long-term growth, your brand must connect with your audience on an emotional level. And don’t worry, that’s not to say it needs to be overly warm and fuzzy, even the driest B2B brands can find ways to connect beyond the purely rational.

Throughout our strategic phase we uncover your key consumer insights, we distill the core aspects of your brand and then bring those elements together in your Brand Blueprint. This becomes the heart and soul of your brand and underpins all activity moving forward.

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Packaging Branding & Design Agency in Sydney

The cornerstone of every great business is their products, but don’t forget the importance of your packaging design. This is often the first thing your customers will see and touch and as such, it needs to make an impression.

If you know your product is great, then it’s important that it doesn’t fall short in the packaging department. With great packaging comes great experience and this is something your customers will want to have again themselves and will certainly recommend to friends.

Tiny Hunter: a specialist packaging branding agency in Sydney

Packaging isn’t just the entity that ensures your product reaches your customers safely; it can also be used to grab attention, wow your customers and to create an experience that truly resonates with the person receiving it.

The importance of getting your packaging design on point can’t be understated. At Tiny Hunter, we offer a holistic brand identity and marketing experience, and this means that we ensure your packaging exceeds your expectations, as well as those of your customers.

The importance of brand packaging

Here are just some of the reasons why getting your packaging right is so important:

  • Visual appeal: If your products are packaged on shelves in a grocery store or other retail shop, then chances are that it is competing with hundreds of other similar products. Packaging is one of the best and simplest ways to make your product stand out on the shelf. An effective packaging design will catch the attention of your customers above all the others. When they say never judge a book by the cover, they certainly aren’t referring to products, because most consumers will buy the product that appeals to them visually the most.

  • It is part of your brand identity: If you just print a logo on a brown cardboard box then that is how your brand is going to be viewed; reliable? Perhaps. Sturdy? Maybe. Exciting? Definitely not. Use your packaging as a reflection of your brand image and identity. What you want people to associate with your brand should be built into your packaging design.

  • It can delight customers: At Tiny Hunter, we’ve seen what is possible when you get your packaging design on point. Make your packaging more than something that contains your product and into an experience itself. This is an opportunity to delight your customers and either turn them into repeat customers or better yet, into brand advocates that will share their experience with their friends and colleagues via word of mouth or social media.

  • You’ll be remembered: With every positive interaction you have with a potential or existing customer, it’s the chance to make an impression. If your packaging is bold enough to stand out or a great experience when opened, then chances are that you are going to be remembered and this transfers into repeat customers and more.

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At Tiny Hunter, we know how important your brand’s packaging is and we have the skill and strategic approach to achieve something truly special to get your brand noticed and remembered. Get in touch with us for any of your packaging design needs and other brand identity and marketing services.
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