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We are a strategic branding agency based in Sydney, Australia. We are obsessed with the power of brand. In fact, we believe it’s the difference between epic and ordinary – your single greatest asset to convey your value in an increasingly complex and saturated market.

Today, brand-led businesses that are thriving. It’s mission critical that your business is purpose driven with your customers’ needs front and centre. All business decisions are fully aligned with your brand strategy, and your workforce is wholeheartedly engaged.

We have a powerhouse team that have been meticulously crafting world-class brands for over 20 years – bringing together robust strategy and impactful creative to drive results. We aren’t a ‘yes person and pretty pictures’ kind of agency. We are an ‘ask the hard questions and do the work that makes a difference’ kind of agency. We’ve been working with many of our clients for well over ten years now.

We believe your brand is your strategy in motion. It’s either creating momentum, growing sales and building long term value – or letting your business down.

So, which is it?

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Tiny Hunter was founded with a unified vision – results, excellence and collaboration, always. Our company and clients thrive because we surround ourselves with dynamic, inspired people who demand the best of themselves and each other, and are fearless in their approach.

Jodie de Vries
Managing Director

Agents of change

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Kiri White
Business Growth Strategist
Sarah Gardner
Creative Director
Ben Barkwith
Digital Design Director

Serious about achieving growth for our clients

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An award winning brand agency

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Byron Whelan
Technical Director
Emma Scott
Brand Strategist
Ara Isidro
Design Director

Champions for the power of brand

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Meg Bray
Senior Account Manager
Angel Pujol
Joe Brassington
Account Manager


Proud of our long term client partnerships

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Danielle Ford
Senior Account Manager
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