Copywriting – An undervalued brand asset

Let’s look at your brand strategy for a moment. Ok, you have an inspired marketing plan, you’ve invested in uncovering your unique brand truth, your brand guidelines have been beautifully designed with an exquisite brand palate, bespoke typefaces and strict rules around the use of your logo. Very prudent, now all communication will speak your brand consistently across all platforms and at every touchpoint. It’s time to build that website or roll out your collateral and social media plan. But wait, what about the copywriting? 

So often copywriting is left till the very last minute, an afterthought – but can you really rely on beautifully crafted, design imagery to tell the full brand story?

On occasions, perhaps, if you never want to say anything that the images can’t communicate. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but just imagine for a second that you want to say something more, perhaps a crucial first introduction to your brand, content carefully prepared for engaging on your website, a brochure that shares your unrivalled expertise, your exemplary and exquisite product or service offering?

Great, you’ve thought of that. Your design partner need not worry because you have Joanne in marketing. Of course, Joanne is across the brand and is virtually Shakespeare when it comes to writing, just read one of her emails. Plus can’t she just grab the old content, and just adapt it a little?

Now, it’s here that your creative agency starts to get a little worried and if they’re serious about rocketing your brand to stardom, they would share a few home truths with you. 

Beyond the rational brand facts to impart, there is your unique brand story to tell, your reason for being in the business from a human perspective. The parts that beautiful imagery simply can’t share. 

It could be the sheer pride in your family craft or a passion for sourcing fine fabrics or perhaps an inner drive to help the world appreciate and enjoy good wine. It’s this core story, that when woven through the visual narrative, powerfully resonates with your audience on an emotional level.

Communicating your true brand essence consistently and clearly both visually and in the written form is fundamental to building a relationship and to creating a genuine connection. Content is a valuable brand asset and should be viewed as an investment.  

And back to Joanne… As great as she is, you need an experienced copywriter that is skilled in bringing your brand to life.

Have you invested in your content lately? 

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: April 27, 2016

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