Dancing In the rain


Imagine being able to walk and dance through a heavy downpour without ever getting wet.

London based studio, Random International, known for their experimental artworks, spent three years perfecting their most ambitious installation yet – Rain Room.

Using digital technology, this interactive installation allows people to walk straight through carefully simulated rain whilst staying dry. This is controlled through a set of 3D cameras used to detect people’s positions, turning each of its individual rain streams on or off accordingly.

The sound of water and the moisture in the air gives the impression of being in the centre of an unpredictable downpour, and having the ability to control rain as such would truly be a magical experience!

Opened in London earlier this year, Rain Room, is now part of MoMA’s “EXPO 1: New York”, a summer-long exhibition that runs between now to July 28.

Emma Scott

Written by: Emma Scott
Published: May 14, 2013
Random International

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