Empowering your remote team for virtual sales

In the wake of Covid-19 maintaining sales is King. Many businesses are transitioning to a remote team and looking to find efficient ways to communicate both internally and externally about key products, offers and innovations/pivots that are coming into play to satisfy clients and customers in these unprecedented times. 

Remote sales teams also need to easily access up to date sales presentations, with the most recent and relevant content. Sales conversations are changing and your sales team need to be equipped with a tool that is flexible. A solution that empowers your sales team with the resources they need in the moment.


We have worked with a number of clients to set them up for success in their sales presentations. We often hear the following issues and questions:

  • There is no brand consistency across our sales decks
  • Individual sales team members are cannibalising our brand
  • There is no content consistency across our sales decks
  • How can we stop outdated content from being used on our sales deck?
  • Different team members use different devices to present sales decks
  • Is there a way to streamline time and cost required to update sales decks and presentations?


The answer to these issues and questions is a cloud based sales presentation that can be accessed from any Apple, Android or Windows 8.1+ device – whether it be tablet, phone, laptop or desktop.

We are able to work alongside you to plot out all your sales and marketing content. Be it documents, files and/or videos we will ensure they are presented on brand and most importantly within a framework that is flexible to surface relevant content at the right time, rather than stifle your sales team with a linear death by powerpoint presentation that is not responsive to conversational flows. The content is dynamic and interactive, ensuring maximum impact for the customer.

And the best thing. Updates and changes can be done in-house and published immediately. No developer or special skills needed. Those changes are then instantly updated for anyone that uses the presentation so that no old content or outdated information and figures can be presented. Ever.


  • Any content featured in the sales presentation is able to be emailed to a client at the click of a button right then and there, reducing admin and sales conversion times.
  • If a lead opens the content that is sent to them you are instantly notified, ensuring sales follow-ups are timely when you are top of mind.


If you think this could work for you and your team let us know and we can take you through an example presentation and how it worked for our client.

Just email jo@tinyhunter.com.au

Jo Gossage

Written by: Jo Gossage
Published: April 2, 2020

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