Hacks for brand issues and communications

Got a branding issue you can’t solve? Stuck on the best way to communicate your brand succinctly? Watch on for two different hacks that allow you to bring a new lens to problem solving.

BRANDING BEFORE BREAKFAST EP 93 – Hacks for brand issues and communications

Good morning. Today I wanted to talk to you about occasions where we’ve had a real breakthrough on certain projects and that often happens when we’ve decided to use a different lens to look at a brand’s problem or issue, or to really get simple and succinct about a way that a brand is expressing itself. So I thought it would be good for you to try these two hacks.

Hack number one: think like another brand. As an example, the airline business notoriously struggles to sell the middle seat. But if you decided to approach that problem like Apple, you’d be really focused on simplicity and user experience. So an idea might be that if you purchase that middle seat, then you’re going to get exclusive notifications of when the bathroom is free. For example, it means that you’re not going to have wasted time getting up and it also means that you’re not going to interrupt the people either side of you. So have a think about it. Have you got an issue or problem? Can you think about a brand that you respect and the way that they would tackle solving that?

Hack number two: think about your communication and getting simple and succinct as if you were going to a venture capitalist firm. So every time that you ask somebody to buy a product or service from you, it is like you are asking them to invest in you. But if you are going to venture capitalist firm, you would think so long and hard about that first slide that they got to see. Is it intriguing? Is it going to make them say, this is the company that I want to invest in? And i’m keen to read on and learn more? Think about how you express your brand in that one-liner on Twitter or the one-liner on Instagram, or when somebody searches you on Google and the one line comes up in your search result. Have you given it the time and thought it needs? Is it really showing your value proposition and explaining what the benefit is to your client, or your consumer?

So that’s it from me. Two hacks for you to have a think about today. And hopefully they’ll bring some fresh thinking into the business. Alright, time for brekkie.

Jo Gossage

Written by: Jo Gossage
Published: November 4, 2021

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