How do I know it’s time to rebrand?

You’d be forgiven for believing that a rebrand simply means swishing up a logo or the aesthetic look of your company. However, when you consider what your ‘brand’ is, a rebrand then takes on a whole new meaning.

Yes, your name, logo and aesthetics form a big part of your brand, but the rest of your customer experience with your company is essential too. Your brand communicates exactly what your company does, as well as the why and how behind it. Your values and purpose create trust and loyalty with your customers. 

So, how can you tell when it’s time to rebrand your company? Is it a simply aesthetic tweak or do you need to do a much bigger overhaul? Here are just some of the indicators that a rebrand should be on the cards.


If your brand has been around for some time, then chances are that you’ve had to grow and evolve in order to keep up with technology and changing customer behaviours. It’s likely that your company has more products and services, or you’ve elevated your current products and services to better fit your client base. You need to ensure that your name, logo, colour scheme and all-round communication and messaging reflects the ways in which you have grown, in order to appeal to the right target market.


In this day and age, it’s so important that you stand out from the crowd to get noticed. It’s increasingly likely in saturated marketplaces, that you could have a few competitors with similar offerings. It’s now more important than ever to define a strong point of difference – which is part of a strategic rebrand – and then update your aesthetic brand appeal to bring that strategy to life. You must be memorable.


If you want to reach an entirely new demographic, then a rebrand is often essential. This helps you to better position your products or services to appeal to a new age group, community, or other demographic. Ensure that your messaging and communication resonates with the audience that you are trying to tap into.


It’s just a fact of life that businesses sometimes have to deal with a reputation problem. You can do all the PR work and offer all apologies that you like, but sometimes it’s just impossible to shake negative perceptions, even if they aren’t your fault. In cases such as Uber, the company went through a major rebrand with regards to their logo,values and messaging, in order to get back into their consumers’ good books and it has been wildly successful.

At Tiny Hunter, we are passionate about helping businesses grow, expand, transform and rebrand into better versions of themselves. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know how we can help you to better serve your customers, while growing your business.

Phoebe Carden

Written by: Phoebe Carden
Published: September 8, 2020

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