Breaking down silos to great fresh energy and fresh ideas

Too easily we all fall into familiar routines and tasks and it can all become, well, a little humdrum. For a quick marketing hack make the whole team the marketing team to expand your ideas, boost your reach and engagement. And then…. think beyond marketing too.

BRANDING BEFORE BREAKFAST EP 99 – Breaking down silos to great fresh energy and fresh ideas

Morning, everyone. I’m Jodie, I’m the MD of Tiny Hunter, and today I want to speak about silos. Because I’ve realized repeatedly, that they happen in big companies, but they even happen in small companies. And they’ve been made even worse I feel with the covid situation and remote work.

Now, the reason I want to bring this up is, removing some of these silos can be a really quick hack to freshen up your marketing, get new ideas, get some new energy. We often fall into a bit of a, I guess, a bit of a rut in many aspects in business, but in marketing, we just keep doing what we’ve always done and we’re plotting along and we’ve got our routines and our schedules great. But, what if we stepped outside the marketing team and thought about the entire company as the marketing team? So broadening out, inviting everyone to contribute in terms of what you should be creating, what you should be putting out there. Also, letting the team know what you’re doing and when it’s going out into the world so that they can share it, they can comment on it, they can really boost your reach, and just have that advocacy for your brand. A really powerful way to give your marketing a real boost. And this isn’t limited to marketing, so if there’s some other part of your business, whether its sales or operations, we could use some fresh thinking and some new ideas and apply the same thought process.

So let’s get some silos broken down, and some new ideas happening for 2022. That’s it from me. It’s time for brekkie.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: January 19, 2022

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