Invitation: Why does branding matter?

On the 14th August 2019, Tiny Hunter directors Jodie de Vries and Emma Scott will be taking to the stage as part of HLB Mann Judd’s ‘Business Growth Breakfast Series’, to discuss ‘Why does branding matter?’

Taking place in Sydney from 7.30am – 9am, the session will give family businesses a valuable insight into how to build a brand for growth. And it starts with the customer.

Why? Because today, customers are in control. 

They have more choices than ever before and they command the conversation. They decide when, how and why they will interact and choose to work with you. Or not. They’re savvy, educated and have high expectations of the brands they engage with. In fact, purpose and values are more important than ever. And the way to capture the hearts and minds of customers – and turn them into loyal, long term advocates – is through strategic brand building. 

Join us for the session and learn: 

  1. How to identify the core customer problem to solve
  2. How to get the single-minded message behind your brand 
  3. Why consistency matters and how to achieve it 
  4. The power of targeted marketing 

You can expect to walk away with tangible advice and actions to build you brand. We’ll even share our precise process on how to connect meaningfully with your customer and build your brand for growth. 

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Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: August 9, 2019

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