The Unsexy Truth: And it’s the key to brand success

The secret ingredient for building a successful brand is pretty unsexy – it’s consistency. It’s not the beautifully articulated strategy, or the world class creative, or having a great budget for production, or whether you are dominating the latest fad in social media channels. All of those things may be helpful but it is the culmination of all the micro moments that are going to compound together that really matter, and that’s why consistency is everything.

BRANDING BEFORE BREAKFAST EP85 – The Unsexy Truth: And it’s the key to brand success

Morning. I’m Jodie and I’m the MD of Tiny Hunter today I want to speak with you about the least sexy but most important part of branding, which is consistency.

So let’s imagine you’ve got that brand strategy already articulated. You know who you are, why you exist, your most important customer, your values, all of that, it’s already been created. Off the back of that you’ve got your brand identity. You know, how you look, how you sound, your tone of voice and ideally, you’ve got it documented in brand guidelines because they do really help with consistency. But the most important bit after that is that you’ve actually got a brand guardian. So this is someone either internally or externally as in your branding agency, that really understands the nuances of your brand. How all of it comes together in terms of how you sound, how you look and importantly, what you say. So they need to consider when they’re looking at any communications, the brand side of things and the consumer.

So I find it really helpful to give your most desired customer a name so you can literally look at a piece of communication and think, what would Sally think of this? What would she feel? What action would she take off the back of this? So if you have someone who is responsible for ensuring that you are on brand and you’re really connecting with that customer, then you’re going to nail it. That’s it from me. It’s time for breakfast.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: September 1, 2021

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