Thinking about running Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions?

There is a lot of discussion around the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at the end of November. Love them or hate them, they offer a great opportunity for brand positioning and further deepening a brand’s connection with its most desired consumer.

BRANDING BEFORE BREAKFAST EP 90 – Thinking about running Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions?

Good morning. I thought that today it would be pertinent to talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with it coming up at the end of November. It’s really important to think about how your brand is going to address this.

Research has come out of the UK from a company called Bulbshare that says that over 60% of the global community are saving up and planning to spend during that Black Friday to Cyber Monday space. And in fact, in the Australian community, 63% of consumers polled said that they were excited to purchase during that time. Now with sustainability questions and thinking on the rise, it’s really important that you establish how your brand wants to play these sales. It doesn’t mean that you can’t take part. And in fact, many people say that they do see it as a sustainable option. They saved their money and decide to pre-purchase their Christmas gifts during this time, when they know that they can secure a good price. And it doesn’t have to mean that your brand can’t address this ethically. You really need to focus on who is your most desired consumer. And what is it that they really value about your brand and the way that you operate in the marketplace?

For example, to address sustainability concerns, you could talk to the fact that during Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday, you’re going to look at bulk purchase. It will save on packaging, it will reduce shipping and travel emissions. So you really just need to get clear around your messaging. If you’re a premium product, then perhaps it’s not the right space for you. You don’t want to be reducing your products and you need to maintain that premium positioning. And if you are looking to offer discounts and move things out the door, make it clear. Let people know that these sales are here. Talk to them about the fact that they can pre-purchase for Christmas. It’s all about the way that you position it. Okay, that’s it from me. Time for brekkie.

Jo Gossage

Written by: Jo Gossage
Published: October 13, 2021

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