Tiny Hunter to host workshop at this year’s Family Business Conference

How can family businesses become customer-obsessed? And why should they be? That’s what we’ll be covering in our lightning keynote and interactive workshop at this year’s Family Business Conference 2019.

The session ‘Becoming customer-obsessed, to future proof your business’ will take place on Tuesday 3rd September in Melbourne. Here at Tiny Hunter, we want to give you real, tangible actions you can put into play in your business straight away. And that’s what we promise to deliver. 

But why should you even care about being customer-obsessed? 

Here’s what our strategy director Emma Scott has to say: 

“Customer obsession is a popular, and often misunderstood catchphrase in enterprise circles. While many companies have no problem focusing on and satisfying their customers’ needs, they’re still missing out on significant opportunities to build deeper, longer-lasting relationships. And the key to building brands that have longevity – brands for the future – is creating these deep emotional engagements with customers. It’s no longer enough to be a customer-centric business. In today’s competitive landscape, you need to be customer-obsessed.

“Why? Because today, customers are in control. They have more choices than ever before and they command the conversation. Their sea of options and the always-on, instant-access nature of digital environments have reprogrammed customers with a new set of sky-high expectations. Customers are not inanimate objects to be managed; they are active, savvy, discerning and fickle when it comes to brand loyalty. Customers expect you to anticipate their needs and orchestrate meaningful interactions that create real value for them, not just marketing and sales opportunities for yourself.”

There’s no doubt about it; brands need to learn the process of becoming customer-obsessed, and then continuously analyse, nurture and build on their relationships with their customers. And we’re here to help you on the journey.

If you’d like to join us, book your tickets for the Family Business Conference 2019.

Brooke Nolan

Written by: Brooke Nolan
Published: August 8, 2019

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