What are the benefits of a strong brand?

Developing a strong brand is essential for your business success. If you want to have a reputable company that stands out from the crowd, then branding is where you need to start. Essentially your brand is how your customers perceive you – your positioning in the marketplace, that is a culmination of your strategy, messaging, identity, collateral and customer experience. It’s how you portray what you do, why you do it and how it serves your customers in a unique and meaningful way.

The entirety of your brand shouldn’t be confused with the visual identity of your brand, such as your logos, colour schemes and aesthetics of your website. Your brand is so much more. It’s how you communicate your business personality. It shows your brand values and promises, it promotes your trustworthiness and quality, and most essential, it helps to set you apart from your competitors.

Here are just some of the biggest advantages of having a strong brand for your business.


People don’t like unfamiliarity and when they are shopping, they are far more likely to purchase something that they already know. Think about big brands like Nike and Puma. They are so instantly recognisable that consumers don’t hesitate to buy their products, as they know they are getting excellent quality. Ensure that you have a strong visual identity that aligns with your brand values, and customers will be able to recognise your brand as they go about looking for specific products.


Once customers recognise and connect with your brand, and have experienced a high-quality product or service that you offer, they’re more likely to come back for more. Combining a strategic brand positioning designed to connect, appealing visual branding and great products or services is going to foster long term loyal customers. They will be happy to seek your brand out, pay your price, and recommend you to friends once you have created an emotional engagement.


One of the most important factors of building a strong brand is consistency. Consistency in messaging, value, quality, marketing, and appeal. Consistency is what builds trust with your audience. When you already have a strong brand in place, it makes it a lot easier to maintain a high level of consistency when you have the foundations to work off. It will ensure greater results, but also efficiencies when working on, or making decisions around your brand.


When you have a strong brand, it doesn’t just benefit customers, it also benefits employees and the company as a whole. Think of Google and their offices as an example. Bringing your brand to life internally and building a strong culture will ensure you attract top talent, retain high performers and create an incredible place to work. 


A strong brand foundation lends itself to the promotion, and success, of new products or services. If consumers are already familiar, and engaged, with your brand, that is something you can build on with the release of new offerings. Ensure of course that any new offerings are aligned with your greater purpose, and your most desired customers’ needs.

As you can see building a strong brand is a powerful business asset. Get in touch with us if you have any questions at all, or need help with strategic brand development

Phoebe Carden

Written by: Phoebe Carden
Published: September 9, 2020

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