What for? Why you should ask this about your branding activities

At all times, but particularly during a pandemic, everything should be working as hard as it possibly can for you. Take this time to review all brand touchpoints and ask what for? Is it adding value to your consumers? Does it clarify something? Will it help you close a deal or make a sale?


Good morning. Today, I would like to share a hack with you that I learned over the weekend, and it comes from Emma Isaacs, the global CEO and founder of Business Chicks. Emma is about to launch a new book called The New Hustle. And in it, she poses the question, what for? And this really got me thinking. In a pandemic where resources are so tight and the budget that we’re spending needs to be really considered, it’s so important to look at your brand and ask, what for?

Think about your brand touchpoints. Think about your website content, for example. Read through it. Is it adding value to your consumer? Is it letting them know what their next step should be? Is it going to help you close a deal? And if it’s not, then what is it for? And you need to be ruthless and remove it. Everything needs to be working as hard as it possibly can for you. Think about all of your brand touchpoints. What are they for? Are they necessary?

Lorna Jane the activewear mogul talks about the fact that during the last pandemic, she learned that she had become too involved in opening too many stores. And when she got back to ‘what is all this for?’ It wasn’t true to what she wanted to create with the brand. So she’s been able to push a reset button.

Let’s use this time as a real opportunity to look at everything that we’ve done with our brand and ask, what for? Is it working as hard as it should be for you? Is it working as hard as it should be for your consumers? What for? To what end? Does it need to be there? Do we need to be spending more time creating more of this content? Or putting more energy into somewhere else that is going to help you close that deal? So I hope this gets you thinking about your brand, all its touchpoints and what they are doing for you today. And that’s it from me. It’s time for brekkie.

Jo Gossage

Written by: Jo Gossage
Published: August 4, 2021

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