What value does your content hold for your brand?

Have you given the due care and attention to your brand’s content that it deserves? Imagine the opening paragraph of your website represents your investment to date in the brand – how much value does that place on each word and has it been considered accordingly?

BRANDING BEFORE BREAKFAST EP 96 – What value does your content hold for your brand?

Morning. This week I was listening to a podcast by Julie Masters. She has one called inside influence. And if you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend it. She was talking to a woman named Marion Farrelly, who is one of the world’s top creators of reality TV content. And in fact, every single show that Marion Farrelly has created has gone to number one, apart from those that went to number two. And that was because she already had another show at number one. So Marion really understands what it takes to create something that is going to really resonate and gain success.

Now, in the podcast, something she said really took my attention. And that was with the shows that she was creating back in the day – everything came down to the TV listing, and that was just 19 words long. Now, coincidentally, a lot of the shows that she produced had a budget around the $19 million mark. So, she would obsess over how she was going to take everything that she had done with the show into a 19 word sentence, because every single word represented one million dollars.

And that got me thinking, the brands and businesses that we work with day in day out, they have put so much time, love, energy, effort, and of course investment into what they have created. But are they showing the same due care and attention to the content that is used to represent that? I would like you to have a think about the content that you have on your website. Perhaps the content that’s on your packaging. What you put into your sales deck. Have you obsessed over that as if each word in that paragraph was representing all of the time,
the love, energy, effort and money that you have poured into your business and brand. It’s really important that it is given due care and attention because that is one of your first interactions with your most desire consumer. You need to make sure that it’s appropriately representing everything that has gone into the brand to date.

Okay. That’s my task for today. Go away, have a think about your content. Is it really representing true value for you? That’s it from me. Time for brekkie.

Jo Gossage

Written by: Jo Gossage
Published: December 1, 2021

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