A fun, dynamic, playful and inclusive brand for DanceBop! that engages children of varying ages and abilities.


DanceBop! came to us looking for a brand that would reflect their fun and energetic videos, designed for kids with disabilities between the ages of 3-12 years old. They wanted a brand that would feel playful and energised, while safe and approachable, to be rolled out across their YouTube channel, tutorial videos and website. With a deep passion for, and expertise in, helping children with disabilities to learn life skills in areas such as social awareness and personal hygiene, it was essential the values of the brand shone through in the visualisation and that the personality was just right.


We started with the name – relaunching as DanceBop! to reflect the dance element of the online classes, while remaining playful to appeal to the target audience of parents, and children with disabilities. To accompany the name we designed a strong brand mark and a suite of colourful characters, bringing variety and fun to the already dynamic learning experience.


A happy client, excited to launch this amazing project for purpose. With the brand experience and visual cues such an integral part of the multi-sensory teaching approach, the brand will be singing and dancing its way into kids’ hearts globally.

Miranda Hayman \ Founder

“I couldn’t be happier with the final look of DanceBop! The team took time to really understand what I was going for with their fun, unique and creative way to get as much information from me as they could. The first thing that everyone says when they see our brand is how professional it looks. Having the font, logos, characters and colours created by Tiny Hunter has made it so much easier when creating collateral for social media and website. They also really helped me to get onto paper what I wanted for this brand and what goals I have for it’s future. Working with Tiny Hunter was the best decision I made and really helped me get the ball rolling for our new project – DanceBop!”


Website design
Video graphics
YouTube assets




Indigo Design Awards, Silver Winner
DanceBop!, Branding – Kids

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