We created a sophisticated new brand for South Australian icon, Golden North.


Golden North ice cream is an iconic South Australian brand, known and loved across the state. Looking to increase its brand awareness nationally, the family-run business approached Tiny Hunter. The aim? To make the rest of the country love their brand as much as their home audience.


To start, we needed to understand what it is that makes South Australian’s love Golden North so much. Why do people light up when they talk about this brand? After a body of research with our partner Leap Insight, we discovered that it was the nostalgia around the brand that warmed the heart. People have grown up with Golden North. They have beautiful memories of ice-cream on Sunday nights with the family, treats at Grandma’s house and fun and laughter with friends. This is a special brand. We retained all the goodness that exists but just modernised the look to reflect the quality of the produce. We rewrote the brand story to focus on heritage, family history, and the provenance of ingredients.


We are proud to share that Golden North have seen an 8% growth of sales in $ value in the 12 months since the new packaging was launched in the South Australian market. They have been able to minimise discounts with their new premium positioning and consistently sustain their RRP.



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