A contemporary rebrand to reflect the science, process and expertise behind the art of coffee bean roasting, flavour profiling and brewing.


After going through a change of name, Kew Coffee Chemist were looking for a strong rebrand for launch within their own stores, plus online. Kew Coffee Chemist has a scientific approach – from how they roast the beans, create flavour combinations and profiles, to how they brew coffee. We wanted to package this up in a cohesive, neat brand which is appealing to the Chinese coffee market, where ultimately coffee will become an everyday ritual.


With a new name speaking directly to the way this coffee business operates, we worked on creating a modern identity which reinforces the science behind coffee. Their systematic and somewhat mathematical approach is visualised throughout the identity, including within the brandmark. Coffee beans are roasted and processed in different ways to bring out the best flavour profile. As an extension of the brandmark, the dynamic graphic element communicates the different combinations that go into creating great coffee.


With a new name, and a brand identity that reflects their ethos and unique approach in product creation, this coffee company has big plans for the China market where it is growing its loyal coffee drinking patronage every day.


Brand identity
Brand collateral



Indigo Design Awards, Silver Winner

Kew Coffee Chemist Rebrand

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