A new brand identity helps Legend stand out in the crowded coffee market.


Based on NSW’s Central Coast, Legend is a new coffee brand built on the celebration of Australia’s unique and powerful coffee culture. Looking to create a brand as powerful as its coffee products, Legend approached Tiny Hunter to help bring this thought to life visually. The brand needed to recognise the culture of honour and sense of community fostered by both coffee makers, and coffee drinkers.


The new brand needed to reflect a premium positioning, whilst also having a sense of fun and enjoyment – the emotions most associated with Australia’s coffee culture. The final brand identity combines bold yet muted colours with fine hand drawn lines and icons to represent the coffee drinker’s daily journey. The brand mark represents the Central Coast location, surrounded by hills. But it also represents the adventurous spirit of the brand and the legends it celebrates. The tagline Coffee+Culture is the final touch, directly communicating the emotions that Australia’s coffee scene conjures.


Legend prides itself on quality for every aspect of its products – from bean sourcing and roasting to customer and supplier engagement. Now it has an identity that truly expresses the essence of the brand.

Excitingly Legend launched a physical cafe in 2019 and has experienced 10% growth nearly every week since opening. Peter Andrews, co-founder of legend Coffee says, ‘We get amazing feedback from customers. We love the brand, it is unique and interesting.”

10% growth
week on week


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