For over 10 years we’ve helped Nikolovski Lawyers stand out in the highly competitive markets of property, family and compensation law. Emotion was at the heart of this recent TV commercial and marketing campaign.


Nikolovski Lawyers is constantly pursuing the best possible ways to connect with potential clients and achieve their vision of striving for social justice. We work with Nikolovski Lawyers to ensure that all marketing efforts accurately represent the brand and in particular, ensure that emotion is at the heart of all communications.


We regularly review the brand strategy to ensure it remains relevant within the legal marketplace and that all lawyers within the firm are fully engaged and real ambassadors for the brand; living and breathing the values.

Playing in an industry that is highly rational and full of bravado, we instead resonate in the hearts and minds of Nikolovski Lawyers’ most desired customers – and make them truly ‘feel’. The most recent campaign, and the films we created, take viewers on an emotional journey, watching three families as they deal with and overcome some of life’s toughest challenges.


The campaign has been implemented across television commercials for Channel 9 and WIN, cinema ads for Hoyts, bus decals, billboards, print ads, digital ads and across all Nikolovski owned channels. It ensures Nikolovski Lawyers continues to thrive and fulfill its vision of social justice and has spurned a number of ‘copycat’ campaigns from competitors which we take as a huge compliment.


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Video in partnership with Buff Productions. Photography by Toby Peet.

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