A brand refresh for Nova Systems; uniting four subsidiary companies under a single brand.


Although the four businesses have been under Nova Group for some time now, they have operated independently. The merger aims to educate the market on what Nova Systems offers as a single brand. The group also wanted to unite internal teams and increase cross-sell opportunities with existing and new clients.


The body of work commenced with a research phase to ensure deep understanding across both internal stakeholders and key clients. The discovery continued with a comprehensive workshop before we developed the brand strategy to take Nova Systems into the future. No longer a company of companies – Nova Systems, Geoplex, GVH Aerospace and two10degrees – are now Nova Systems, one enterprise. The strategy was brought to life via new messaging and a strong visual identity allowing Nova Systems to connect on a deeper level with top talent, while also truly reflecting all they offer.


The refreshed brand represents an exciting new era for Nova Systems. It showcases their growth and emphasises the breadth of their capabilities as a global organisation with strategically located offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Norway.


Brand strategy
Brand identity
Exhibition design

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