A highly successful social campaign to promote safe sex amongst young people in NSW, with a focus on regular STI testing.


In our ongoing work with NSW Health they were looking for a campaign to increase visits and engagement on the Play Safe website, and build awareness among the 15-29 target audience around the importance of regular STI testing.

We were also looking to encourage comments, tagging and sharing of the posts on social media to increase organic reach and further normalise STI testing.


In our target audience of high risk, sexuality active youth there are many barriers to safe sex and regular STI testing. With so many barriers, how to get the audience to engage?

We focused on the insight of what actually matters to the audience, in a nutshell ‘that they just want to have sex’. Any negative or ‘doom and gloom’ messaging wasn’t going to connect (or align with our objective to normalise), so the solution was to focus on the positive outcomes of STI testing and what that would mean to them and how they might feel.

We created a campaign that celebrates the outcomes of getting tested, showing regular testing improves your confidence, and ultimately, your sex life.

The campaign directed users to a short 3 question quiz that determines their risk level and advises on whether they need to get tested, then providing them with a locator tool for finding a clinic nearby.


The initial campaign burst was for a 2 week period across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat during which an incredible 54,365 goals were completed on the website. This is a 12,000% increase in goals completed on site.

General sentiment was positive with many of our target audience tagging their friends and telling them they should get tested. This is far more powerful when coming from a friend, and also increases campaign reach.

Of the huge number of users that complete the quiz a large portion then carry on to use the clinic locator, which is a clear indicator of intent to get tested.


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