Launch of a new brand for an exciting initiative that not only empowers communities to help combat global warming, but gives them an easy to use platform to do so.


To build a first-of-its-kind online community platform, enabling people to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to our planet’s global warming problem. Decades of investing in innovative sustainable developments designed to combat or slow the progression of global warming, taught project founder Roger Bain that the most effective way to be part of the solution, is to engage with the community. Our aim with this brand and website was to inspire people to join the movement by showing them how a little from each person can collectively make a big difference.


Launching a brand for an entirely new concept brings with it additional layers of complexity. The strategic phase was in depth and essential to ensuring that the messaging, and positioning was carefully articulated before moving into any visual work.

Key to the strategy was building on the large notion of ‘saving the planet’ in a tangible, practical and ‘act now’ way. Audience education is a key phase in this brand’s journey. The brand identity is strong, bold and simple complemented with a mix of fact based, and aspirational messaging. For the campaign assets we created the kind of positive future news headlines that their supporters would love to see in a world less affected by climate change. The tone throughout is upbeat and lighthearted, to reflect the attitude that it is possible to make a difference, together.


A strongly relatable brand, seen across Youtube, online video, social and native search.


Brand strategy
Website design
Website development
Brand identity
Brand collateral
Video and animation 

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