Thriive is a brand new platform designed to make meeting important people easy and is the brainchild of prominent business men and tech gurus Shashikant Chaudhary, Kapil Shah and Samir Khadepaun. As it’s an unfamiliar product, our job was to create a memorable brand that would engage and resonate with busy and high performing professionals. From the startups to seasoned entrepreneurs, for the business guru and angel investor — Thriive provides a platform for communicating in a new way. So high-end professionals can set actionable, purposeful meetings and young entrepreneurs can make meaningful connections.


For new brands, creating awareness and engaging new clients is one of the biggest hurdles to unlocking growth. We commenced with a brand workshop and brand strategy phase – defining the positioning and by defining the unique points of difference for the brand: meetings with purpose, invite only for high-end professionals and specialised technology. From here we developed a look and feel that would appeal to their target audience, designed a website that communicated their brand clearly and positioned them as a platform that would enrich business communities. We also worked on their social strategy and content creation to create engaging communications and community engagement to not only attract new members but retain existing ones.


A strong brand that engages with their discerning audience. Still in the early stages, response to the brand and product has been incredibly positive.


Brand strategy
Brand identity
Tone of voice
Website design
Content and social strategy
Content creation
Brand collateral

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