Repositioning Victoria & Maude’s leather goods in the luxury market.


Victoria & Maude creates luxury handmade Ostrich leather travel goods including travel wallets, travel bags, and wash bags. Available globally, Victoria & Maude has gained recognition for its Australian handmade pieces from people including Angelica Cheung, editor of Vogue China. With further growth in sight, founder Victoria came to Tiny Hunter to create consistency around her brand positioning.


The Victoria & Maude journey began 18 years ago. Growing up on the pristine beaches of the East Coast of Australia, Victoria spent her childhood between her hometown and Tasmania where her family has its roots.

The landscape of both environments, the raw textures and the simplicity in the way of life have been, and continue to be, an inspiration for Victoria and the brand.

We worked with Victoria to take her inspiring story and marry it with insights true to her desired customer. Through this process we created a brand strategy that will provide consistency and clarity for many years to come.


Victoria & Maude now has a defined brand strategy and a visual direction that brings it to life. The strategy has become an integral part of the business; shaping messaging, partnerships, and marketing. Building on this brand work we developed a content and social media strategy to ensure consistency across channels and a high end aesthetic fitting of the affluent target audience.

As a direct result of this body of work Victoria & Maude has secured 2 key partnerships with The Luxury Network and The Exclusive Travel Group.


Brand strategy
Visual direction
Social media and content strategy
Marketing consultancy
Website and project management

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