A content and social strategy that elevates this brand’s expression into alignment with their core values,  innovative ethos and high quality products.


Woolstar are one of Australia’s largest exporters of wool products, and more recently have become a favourite among local buyers as well. Their brand has a huge focus on traceability and education around the sustainability of sheep’s wool — they’re passionate about it. We wanted to help them tell this story authentically, to the people who mattered.


We developed a marketing roadmap for the business before moving into an in-depth content and social strategy that would guide their communications moving forward. We wanted every piece of content that people see on Woolstar’s social channels to be something that clearly tells their brand story, and aligns with their messaging. After research and analysis, we developed a robust strategy covering everything from content pillars, to posting frequency, post styles and broader campaign ideas.


This body of work has provided the framework Woolstar needed to create brand-aligned day to day social media. It’s only early days but we are excited to see their digital presence go from strength to strength.


Content & social strategy
Social media templates
Marketing roadmap

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