The power of a distinctive voice

Your voice, the way you speak is such a big part of what makes a brand distinctive and memorable. In this week’s episode we explore why it’s such an important part of what makes a brand, a brand and why you should define yours.

Branding Before Breakfast Ep 192 The power of a distinctive voice

Good morning. My name is Kiri, I’m the Business Growth Strategist here at Tiny Hunter. And this week we have been having loads of fun developing the language and the tone of voice for a few new brands.

Now, we talk about tone of voice or verbal identity as we like to call it a lot here. Because it really is such a huge part of what makes a brand distinctive and memorable. And I think a lot of the time, brands focus their attention and energy on the way that they look, their visual identity, when really that is just one part of what makes a brand a brand. If you think about your favorite brand, and I bet a huge part of why you love them so much is because of the way that brand literally speaks to you, the language they use, the way they say things. This is all a very conscious and deliberate act, that has been crafted by some very clever people to really create a distinctive personality that’s unlike any other brand.

What is your tone of voice? If you haven’t defined that, then you know that you’re missing out on a really huge opportunity to demonstrate to your customers who you are beyond the way you look. Ask yourself, Am I funny? Are we witty? Are we humble? Intelligent? Do we use really descriptive, delicious words or made up words? These are all the types of questions that you should ask yourself in order to define what is our distinctive sound so that we don’t sound like anybody else.

That’s it from me, time for brekkie.

Kiri White

Written by: Kiri White
Published: July 10, 2024

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