Brand and its impact on recruitment

It’s July 2022 in Sydney, Australia and recruitment (and how hard it is right now) is on the tip of everyone’s tongue – regardless of industry. We reflect on how a brand can impact your appeal to candidates. As well as how important a shared understanding of the brand across the established team and any recruiters you may be using is.

Branding Before Breakfast Ep 118 Transcript \ Brand and its impact on recruitment

Good morning.

Today, I want to talk to you about your brand and recruitment. So, to contextualise this, it’s July 2022, and it is really hard to hire people for your team. We are actually in that process right now, and I found it so interesting, that when I’ve been speaking to different recruiters, they have told me that we’re actually the lucky ones.

Many companies are not even getting any responses. We’ve had a few interviews, and one of the reasons that they feedback to me is that people are responding to our tone of voice set by our brand strategy and also that when they go to the website, they get a sense of our culture and what our brand really stands for. And, so it made me start to think about, the real power that your brand holds when markets do start to get into spaces that can be difficult.

Have you thought about how you do present your brand to potential employees? Is it clear what you stand for? what you believe in? what purpose they would start to work on with you? Do you have a consistent tone of voice so that your recruitment ads, whether you’re writing them yourselves or it’s done by a recruiter is using the brand’s tone of voice?

When you’re doing an interview, are the conversations consistent so that the brand is always represented appropriately and that people have a strong understanding of what that brand leads into with the culture. So, a couple of things to think about this morning from me, think about what is your brand strategy doing to really drive your recruitment and represent you appropriately to your employees?

That’s it for me. Time for brekkie

Jo Gossage

Written by: Jo Gossage
Published: July 26, 2022

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