Find out what your customers actually think

As business owners we get very stuck in the weeds. Running the day-to-day – projects, deadlines, putting out little fires here and there. So a lot of the time, purely due to being time poor, we run on assumptions about what our customers really think of us and what’s important to them. Are we actually meeting their needs?

Branding Before Breakfast Ep86 – Find out what your customers actually think

Hi everyone. Who would have thought the simple act of talking to your customers could change the face of your business?

So as business owners, we’re stuck in the weeds. We’re doing projects. We’ve got deadlines. We’re dealing with staff. We’re putting out little fires here and there. So we often run with assumptions purely because we’re so time-poor about what our customers think and need. So this is where research comes in. How you can spend a lot of money doing qualitative and quantitative research. Doing a deep dive into understanding your customers, which is great. But we believe a Tiny Hunter that some research is better than none. So, if you don’t have the budget or the time
to go deep right now, we suggest picking up the phone and talking to just 10 to 20 customers. You’ll be so surprised in terms of what you find out. Now, we’ve put together some questions here to help you start this process of what you might want to ask them:
– How did you come across my brand?
– What was your first impression?
– Why did you decide to buy from us?
– What was the experience like?
– What would you say our superpower is?
– How would you describe us to a friend?
– What could we do to improve?

So, don’t wait until you can afford to do deep research. Start talking to your customers today. That’s it for me. Time for brekkie.

Emma Scott

Written by: Emma Scott
Published: September 8, 2021

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