The way to create deeper connections with clients is to actually go offline and spend time with them. Get to know their hobbies and interests beyond work. I discovered that one of our clients also collects Smurfs. What are the odds? There is a whole lot of fun around our common interest.

One of the crazy, quirky things about me that you probably don’t know is that I collect Smurfs. Now the reason you probably don’t know this is because you don’t actually really know me. So today I want to talk about creating deeper connections and to actually get to know someone really, really well – like your clients. You have to get to know them on a personal level. So go offline, spend time with them, have a coffee with them. Understand what their hobbies are, what their interests are and see if there’s any kind of common ground or common connection.

So I did this with one of my clients, Sally and I discovered that she also collects Smurfs, which is insane. I really haven’t met anyone else that collects Smurfs. So we’re able to have a lot of fun talking about Smurfs. So the reason why you want to build these deeper connections with clients is because it builds trust. And when you build trust with a client, together as a partnership, you can create some amazing things for their brand. So my advice to you is to go and collect Smurfs. No, no, just kidding. My advice is to get to know your clients on a deeper level, on a more personal

level. That’s it for me. Time for brekkie.

Emma Scott

Written by: Emma Scott
Published: June 27, 2019

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