One concept or two?

Choosing the right direction for your brand’s visual identity can be really tough and knowing how many directions to explore during the process is a tricky one. This week we compare 1 concept vs 2 concepts and the importance of always having a rock-solid strategy to guide you.

Branding Before Breakfast Ep 190 One concept or two?

Good morning. My name is Kiri, I’m the Business Growth Strategist here at Tiny Hunter. And today I want to talk about exploring different directions, when you are developing your brand’s visual identity and whether you should be exploring one or whether you should look at multiple directions. Firstly, it’s really, really important that you’ve got a killer strategy in place before you embark on any visual components of your brand. It’s your game plan, it’s your guiding light. And once you have that in place, the visual direction of your brand usually becomes quite clear. But the thing is, there are multiple ways that you can interpret that visual direction.

So today I want to talk about the benefits of just exploring one and the benefits of exploring multiple. Firstly, if you’re looking at just doing one direction or one concept, it’s generally going to be a cheaper option. So that’s not always the case, but usually it will be a cheaper option. So if you are a startup or your budget is limited, then that could be a really good option for you. A second benefit of just exploring one direction is if you have a really, really clear picture of what that brand should look like, then that could be a good way to go. And also, if you’re working with just one designer or one creative, the benefit of doing one concept is that they can put all their energy and all their focus into that one direction to make it perfect. However, exploring multiple directions or even just doing two concepts is hugely beneficial and I want to tell you why. When you’re working with an agency, generally you’re working with a team of creatives on your project and they interpret and see things very, very differently. You’ve got the variation across those concepts. You can see some really great, amazing out-of-the-box ideas. And also there is just so much power in being able to compare one concept to another. You can see what works, what doesn’t work. You might be able to push one concept further. You might be able to do a safer option, even if it just shows you what you don’t like. There’s real value in being able to compare something to something else. Both options can work.

The bottom line is you need to have a really, really solid foundation to guide you throughout the process. And most of all, whatever you’re developing and designing, make sure that your brand is distinctive and it stands out.

That’s it from me, time for brekkie.

Kiri White

Written by: Kiri White
Published: June 26, 2024

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