The importance of design in brand

All of the hard work that you put into your business is going to come down to milliseconds. MILLISECONDS. So in fact is there anything more important to invest in than your identity? And don’t forget brand imagery is a big part of that too. Remember, you only get one chance at a first impression.

BRANDING BEFORE BREAKFAST EP 88 The importance of design in brand

Morning everyone. I’m Jodie. I’m the MD at Tiny Hunter. And today, I really want to talk about first impression.
So this really gets down to your visuals, your identity, your imagery and what it looks like. Does it need to be aligned to a strategy? Of course it does. Do you need to look luxury or do you need to look budget? You know, what are you selling? Who you connecting with?

So assuming you’ve got that strategy piece figured out, let’s talk about the visual side of things. There is no point having the most amazing product or service if someone is going to arrive at your website and it looks cheap. It looks like you haven’t put much care into it. It’s not showing who you really are. And this happens all the time. People pour their hearts and souls into what they’re doing, but then they don’t have that identity and imagery that conveys who they are. Now as humans, we actually make decisions in milliseconds about what we think. Someone’s going to arrive at your website
and they’re going to have a very strong first impression in milliseconds. And if it’s the wrong one, it’s very hard to undo. In fact, it’s probably impossible because they’re going to hit the back button and they’re going to go to the next website that they connect with. So you do need to invest in a really strong brand identity and as part of that, you need to think about your imagery because that’s where we see a lot of businesses being let down.

So you might think a brand shoot is a really expensive undertaking but you are creating assets that are unique to you and that communicate exactly what you want to communicate. And when we get down to that millisecond, I think that’s kind of priceless. But we know not everyone could do a photoshoot and that is fine because there are other options. So then what you need is, you need a really skilled creative that is going to choose a suite of stock imagery that has a high-quality, that feels like a family and are aligned to your strategy.

So today I want everyone to think, is my identity and is my imagery doing my brand justice? That’s it from me. It’s time for brekkie.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: September 29, 2021

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