The power of purpose to differentiate your brand

Why do you offer the products and services that you do? Why are they different from your competitors? Do your most desired consumers and clients know the answer to that question?

Branding Before Breakfast EP87 – The power of purpose to differentiate your brand

Good morning. Last week I had a really inspiring conversation with one of our clients. They really care about the community that they have built around them and they really care about what they’re putting into the world. They were speaking with their business coach and really questioning and grappling with the idea that the world doesn’t need more products. But where they got to, is that the world does need better products. Now, this particular client is very sociologically and ecologically minded, and they were worried about what they were putting into the world. They decided that if they are able to work on products that really have a solution for clients. And this may contribute to the community or it may have a lower carbon footprint. It may have better ecological credentials, then that is worth it. And the thing is, we’re in such an interesting time. It’s actually never been easier for a business to get off the ground and put lots of products out there. So the question becomes, well, how is it that you differentiate your brand from others? How is it that you let your most desired consumers know that you have a true purpose? That thought, care and attention is going into your business and the products and or services that you are putting out there? And that’s where brand comes in. It’s so powerful.

You need to think about the problem that you are solving for your most desired consumer. You need to communicate your why. What is it that you are thinking about everyday? What is driving you over and above making money, and putting more products out there, more services into the market? So, today, I would like you to have a think about whether you have really thought about that. And if you have, are you communicating it with your most desired consumers? Do they know what drives you? Do they know your big why? And do they know why you are different from the other businesses that are pumping out millions upon millions of products into our environment. It’s a big question, but hey, we’ve all got to think about it. So that’s it from me. Time for brekkie.

Jo Gossage

Written by: Jo Gossage
Published: September 15, 2021

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