What are your brand’s quality cues?

It’s getting harder and harder to choose what brands to engage with – especially when you are looking for a quality product or service (and let’s face it, is anyone really looking for a crappy offering?). This is an opportunity for you to consider what the quality cues are for your brand and what you can do to better communicate them.

Branding Before Breakfast Ep 189 What are your brand’s quality cues?

Morning. I’m Jodie, I’m the MD at Tiny Hunter, and today I am wondering whether you are doing enough to layer in the nuance in the messaging around why you are so awesome. The thing is, as you would know, there are so many businesses out there, they’re offering similar products and services to you or actually, often they are offering substandard products or services to you, but you need to go the extra effort to communicate things that you might be taking for granted at the moment about the way that you work. Are you sourcing all your ingredients or your goods locally? Do you have a special process that delivers a better outcome? Have you been around for a long time? You’ve got a lot of expertise. What does that mean for your client or your customer? You need to think about what are those core messages and things that you’re repeating all the time, if you’re in sales calls, or that your customer is finding important.

And then you need to think about how can I show that rather than just say it? What layers can I have in terms of proving that to be true? Because with all the tools that there are now more than ever with AI, lots of businesses can appear pretty professional. And so when I’m buying a product or a service now, I want to know about the company I am looking for What are the ingredients? What are the fabrics? Does this company have a history? Do they have a philosophy. What is it that they do differently in terms of their process? And more and more, it’s getting hard to choose quality brands to engage with if they’re not brands that you’ve engaged with before. So you need to think about, how can I say this, but show it? and how can I show it in many places?

As much as we’d love everyone to arrive at your home page, read wonderful things about you, then go and look at your service. It doesn’t work like that. They’re going to come in from anywhere. Think about what are those core things that make you different? What are the core things that set you apart? But then how can you show that? If you’ve got a process that delivers better outcomes than your competitors? Great. Have you given it a name? Have you defined that process in a way that you can talk about it easily with your clients? That is still you just saying it, but there’s a lot more structure around it. But then you can get some testimonials, people speaking about the outcomes they’ve received, having gone through that process with you. So, today I want you to think about what are the core things that are important about your brand and your business, and the way that you do things and what you offer. And then how can you layer that down? For each of those, what are the proof points? How can you communicate them, whether it’s on pack, on a website, in a conversation? What can you do to make that really rich? So people know that they’re choosing a quality brand because that’s what people want to do.

That’s it from me, it’s time for brekkie.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: June 19, 2024

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