Why family business?

As brand strategists we have extensive experience working with both local and global brands. We are incredibly passionate about brand building, and over the years this has naturally developed into a greater focus on family businesses. Why? Well a few reasons…..

  • Our human-centric, strategic Brand Kinship process is incredibly effective at achieving clarity and stakeholder alignment. Stakeholder alignment is crucial in any organisation, but especially when you have the passion and complexities of family business. We excel at getting generations to see eye to eye on the vision for the future.
  • We have worked with many, many family businesses off the back of our success with Beerenberg, whose sales grew by 30% following our strategic branding work. We understand what it’s like for family businesses to navigate times of change, we understand the highs and lows and how to manage the process for successful outcomes.
  • One of our core values at Tiny Hunter is being relationship driven, it’s infused through the way we work with each other, with partners and with clients. And we find family businesses are relationship driven too, they place a high emphasis on culture and have loyal business relationships. Long term thinking and long term partnerships means we know our client’s business inside and out and can translate that knowledge into powerful results. It’s the only way we like to work, we aren’t an executional, pretty pictures kind of agency.
  • Brand building is not rocket science, it’s a process. And it does require courage and long term thinking – something family businesses excel at. Without the pressure of 90 day targets from stakeholders, or corporate headquarters, family businesses have ‘patient capital’. Not only that, they have the ability to move swiftly with their decision making to create change.
  • We have developed a family business ecosystem. We are part of the Family Business Association, and have a number of family business specialist partners. This means that we can advise a business holistically and bring in complementary partners, as and when it is needed, to ensure our clients achieve their goals.

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Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: March 29, 2019

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