Perform Ability: Why we had to rebrand

Part 2 of our interview with entrepreneur and disability advocate Miranda Daisy. Here we dig into why Perform Ability needed a rebrand, how it is helping them in achieving their big goals – plus we dip into DanceBop! the world’s first inclusive TV show.

Today, we’re chatting with Miranda about Perform Ability’s recent rebrand with Tiny Hunter. What it means to be an award winning Australian brand and what the future holds for Perform Ability. So, a big welcome Miranda. Yay. Thank you. It’s so good to have you here. You’ve been going for twelve years, which is, a fair amount of time. So I’m curious, what is it that encouraged you to start this rebranding journey?

What motivated this change? The program has changed so much since we started. My best friend and I designed the original logo and the name in his bedroom. He did it in Photoshop. The name I’m so happy with because even though we started with dance,we have now gone into singing and acting. So, the name for Perform Ability was great. It just really made sense that we did more than just dance. But the program started as just for fun. Sometimes it was more like sport. We’d do things outdoors. And then later, it became more about performance opportunities.

People were coming to us because they wanted to perform. We’d often get asked to do local festivals and sometimes bigger concepts and things. We performed the opening for Vivid when that happened. And so people started coming to us for those opportunities. And then we realised the benefits of the therapy side of things.

So, the rebrand had to happen because the program just completely changed from this, just for fun, come as you are, like, well still come as you are, but it was just really casual. And now it’s more of a very well structured therapy aligned program. It’s such a common issue that we see at Tiny Hunter where things are evolving all the time, and that’s what we say in terms of brand – it’s living and breathing, websites, those sorts of things.

So, I guess it makes total sense. You’ve changed, and then you need to shift the perception of your brand to align with all the incredible things that you’re doing. And what do you think? I know it’s early days, but have you noticed a change or how has the rebrand changed what you’re doing or helped what you’re doing? It’s perfect because it’s so much more professional. And that’s what we are now. We know what we’re talking about now, whereas when we started, we were just figuring it out.

So we now work with OTs and speech therapists, and the whole brand needed to match that. Also, we provide teacher training, and we license our program. So, it was really important to us that the licensees were proud of the brand that they were licensing to, and they love it. They love how trendy it is, how professional it is. Not one to slow down Miranda also recently launched Dance Bop!, the world’s first inclusive kids show, which is super cute.

Do you want to tell us a little bit more about Dance Bop!? Dance Bop! is a TV show that we’re working on, where everything is inclusive. We live in this beautiful perfect world where inclusion is just there and accessibility is there and we teach important social skills and life lessons to children through singing and dancing and sign language and seated dance, on a little musical journey.

So it’s very exciting. So, after you guys designed a brand for that, that’s really when it kicked off because, thanks to you, we even had little characters already, which was amazing, and these characters that we’ve created have full personalities and jobs to do. And you know what? We even came up with an issue with that.

So, this is giving people a good idea the issues you come across when you are trying to do everything the right way. Our little characters are these gorgeous little stars. Their body is like a star but they can’t communicate to people who are deaf because they don’t have hands. So, we’re going to have to give them that little smiley face emoji that has the hands, they’ll have to have hands, and potentially be the first ever animated characters that can use Auslan.

See this is why things always need to evolve. Yeah. There’s a lot of work to do. Well, thank you, I’ve got to say I have had the great pleasure of knowing you for quite a while now. I just feel very,very constantly inspired by the work that you’re doing.

You’re a superstar Miranda, and, I’m really grateful to to have this time with you as well. So, thank you. Thank you. I’m so grateful to you guys and I rave about Tiny Hunter all the time.

There is no one else I would trust with my little babies, than you guys so, thank you.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: December 14, 2022

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