Rebranding a branding agency

We are pretty damn excited to have launched our refreshed brand identity last week. It’s been a long time coming, longer than we would have liked but many fantastic client projects took priority over the past year.


It’s so important that your brand truly aligns with who you are and what you stand for. Over time there are always small shifts (and big shifts) within an organisation (or its audience) that may mean your identity doesn’t fit quite the same as it used to. While there are no hard and fast rules we’d say you should review your brand every three to five years. Some reviews will end with minor cosmetic updates and others will result in a more substantial update and potentially a repositioning. We undertook a full rebrand in 2014 when we changed our name from Philter Group to Tiny Hunter and while we have had a minor refresh in between it definitely felt like time.


While our identity and how we express ourselves might be changing, the heart of Tiny Hunter remains the same. Our brand is built on our deeply held belief in the power of brand to create transformation. It’s something we are compelled to champion, given the positive impact not only on businesses, but the ripple effect on lives too.

We are here to make a difference, to walk alongside our clients as their organisations are going through change – levelling up, ensuring they are expressing their worth to the maximum, building their competitive advantage, talking to new audiences, or moving into new markets.

At Tiny Hunter we bridge a crucial gap bringing together robust strategy AND impactful creative. There are many different agencies and consultants out there, all different shapes and sizes and focuses. For us it’s about being intentional – small in size, deep in expertise, brand-first thinking and highly collaborative.


Our focus on brand work continues, not only the more obvious parts of a rebrand (strategy and identity), but also enabling clients on the ground in their day-to-day to create brand-led organisations. Engaging and training internal teams, building out templates and tools for delivering the brand consistently and expanding our brand guardianship services so clients can call on the right brand expertise when they need it.

We believe brand-led organisations are a better place to work, and can contribute more to their communities – with highly engaged teams, deeper relationships with customers, and the financial results to make it a win-win.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: January 30, 2024

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