Rebranding without losing customers

Rebranding is an effective way for brands to evolve and attract new customers, but whatever the scope, you want to make sure it doesn’t alienate your existing loyal customers. In this episode we explore a few ways to manage a successful rebrand without losing customers.

If you do have concerns or questions from your customers, that is okay. It just shows that they care. But you need to address these head on. Be prompt with your responses to your customers, be clear in your responses and show empathy and patience. The way you respond to those concerns can really impact the likelihood of them sticking around. Change can be scary, we know that people don’t naturally like change, but we’ve also found in life that our biggest haters can become our greatest lovers.

That’s it from me, it’s time for brekkie.

Kiri White

Written by: Kiri White
Published: September 6, 2023

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