Brand Enablement

Advisory, tools and training to support long term growth

Brand guidelines
Inhouse team training
Brand guardianship
Brand advisory
Brand & website audit

It’s essential to have a clearly articulated brand strategy and distinctive brand identity, but where many companies fall down is in the execution and consistency. Consistency might not sound exciting but it’s where all the hard work and investment starts to deliver a return.

We are firmly focused on results at Tiny Hunter. Which means delivering a brand that has impact, has flexibility and that organisations are equipped with the knowledge, tools and training to deliver optimum experiences for both customers and employees.

We work with many clients in an ongoing capacity, with a number of relationships over 10 years now. But we also work with clients who have existing networks of internal and external parties and need the right frameworks to manage their brands independently. In some cases we work in a brand advisory or brand guardianship capacity – bringing a strategic brand-led lens to decision making, and reviewing and providing feedback on how the brand is progressing.

Brand is a powerful, flexible tool and we are here to help your organisation leverage it.

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