Time for a little brand audit?

Given a brand is a living and breathing entity it is always good to pause and take stock from time to time. Not only is your brand in constant use by different teams, stakeholders and suppliers, but your competitors, and your customer needs, are also in flux. You might not be ready for a brand overhaul but more often than not there are quick wins there for the taking.

Hi everyone, I’m Jodie, I’m the MD at Tiny Hunter, and today, I want to talk with you about brand audits.

Sometimes you might be sitting on the fence in terms of your brand. Do we need to work on it now? Is it working for us? I don’t even really know, and you kind of put it on the back burner. What we’ve been doing with some clients is a brand audit, which is a quicker way to jump in and see where the opportunities may lie. We start with gathering everything we can about our client’s brand. Everything that’s out in the market across all the different touchpoints. What do you look like? What do you sound like? What messages are you communicating? And then we do the same for key competitors, and once you’ve got all of that, you need to also think about who is your most important client or customer, and how have their needs changed? Is there any more intel we have about their wants and their needs? You’ve got all of that, then you can think about your current strategy in terms of how you’re wanting to be perceived, and then sense check that against everything that you’ve collected. You might want people to think that you’re innovative, but your brand might be looking a little dated. You might cost more than your competitors, but maybe they are looking a little more premium than you are.

Going through this process really helps to give some clarity in terms of what impression you’re giving currently versus what you want to be giving, and how you’re sitting against your competitors. And what we have found is going through this process is a bit of an eye opener in terms of big opportunities that you have to improve your brand. And not everything has to be a huge body of work. Sometimes it’s quick wins that you can chip away at and the longer term work may be a little bit down the track, but a brand audit is a really good place to start and it’s something that you can do yourself, something you can get your internal teams to do, or, of course, you can get someone external, so then you’ve got the benefit of that objective perspective.

That’s it from me, it’s time for brekkie.

Jodie de Vries

Written by: Jodie de Vries
Published: September 26, 2023

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