Three stunning brand films shot on location in Italy begin to build an emotional connection with the Bertolli Olive Oil customer. Drawing on the dreamy, romantic love of Italy that so many have due to the culture of passion, family and celebration.


With 150 years of heritage, and the quality and authenticity that only comes from a true Italian food brand, Bertolli Olive Oil wanted to reaffirm its position as Australia’s premium olive oil brand with an Italian heritage and educate on the new range: Originale, Gentile and Robusto. Our objective for this body of work was to begin building an emotional connection with the audience by celebrating the wonderfulness that is Italy and the Italian way of life.


True engagement with an audience is driven by emotion. And film is the most powerful mechanism to capture the heart and drive this emotion. With that in mind, we created three beautiful films, one for each flavour, shot in Tuscany, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Relating each of the flavour profiles to the Italian location and associated culture and lifestyle that inspired them.


The beginning of a new conversation between Bertolli Olive Oil and their audience, one that taps into the heart and celebrates the romance of Italy.



Creative concept

Film produced by Tommaso Renzoni

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