BESYDNEY \ Rebrand for a dynamic business representing our very own iconic city

The strong brand sends a bold signal that BESYDNEY, and the destination of Sydney, have evolved to meet the demands of a new era.

“This is Sydney, and Australia’s, ‘sweet spot’… we have come of age on the global meetings stage – and our new brand and logo reflect that confidence.” Lyn Lewis-Smith, CEO BESydney

For over 50 years, BESydney has been working to bring the world to Sydney, and their brand is critical to communicate the company’s value proposition and core purpose to all stakeholders. With huge shifts in the world of business events in recent years, it was time to evolve the brand to truly express the uniqueness of Sydney – the vividness and buzz, the iconic experiences and global business clout.

We worked with BESydney on the comprehensive rebrand, reshaping their identity, adding cultural depth, defining marketing collateral and ensuring consistency into the future with detailed brand guidelines.

BESydney connects to the brightest minds in the most inspiring, innovative, future-focused city in the world. Ideas form here and gain momentum, like the series of organic shapes created with the essence of Sydney at their core, referencing Sydney icons, coastlines and central business hub. They are bright, colourful and organic, like the new colour palette. BESydney makes it possible for the world’s best-of-the-best to come together for the purpose of future change and innovation, which is now represented in their brand.



Indigo Design Awards, Silver Winner
Business Events Sydney, NGO & Non-Profit

Indigo Design Awards, Bronze Winner
Business Events Sydney, Branding


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