COSAC \ A bold rebrand for an industry-leading gathering of big thinkers

If you believe in our vision of burning status quo ESA thinking to the ground, then you’re in.

For 30 years now COSAC gathers the best and brightest minds in the world to pitch, share and stretch breakthrough ideas in the security space. At COSAC they’ve stripped away all the nonsense that leads to status quo thinking, making the bi-annual event a must attend, sell-out experience with diehard, passionate delegates.

Our aim was to create a brand that brought to life their pioneering, rebel approach – willing to push boundaries and not be held back by what is seen as safe within the market. The graphic elements within the brand highlight the free-flowing ideas that you can expect to hear at COSAC, once again reinforcing the core ethos.

The result is a positioning and identity that is truly reflective of everything COSAC stands for. The messaging, the look and feel, the language all working together to ensure the audience knows, this conference is anything but ordinary.



Indigo Design Awards, Silver Winner
COSAC, Technology

Indigo Design Awards, Bronze Winner
COSAC, Branding

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