What we offer

We specialise in brand strategy and brand identity. Yes, we do many other things in the course of our rebrand work, such as packaging design, website design, digital strategy, video and animation. In fact, we can create something beautiful, interesting, creative and well written across any medium but we strongly believe that all communication needs to be built from a strategic brand foundation. And whilst strategic branding is an investment, the return on investment is extensive.

The less clarity a brand has, the more money it needs to spend on marketing (and sales, and recruitment, and… well the list goes on, but let’s not digress). The more clarity a brand has, the more impact it has at every level. The easier decisions become, the more effective marketing becomes, the easier talent attraction and retention becomes and the more loyal its customers. All of these factors contribute to the bottom line.

If you would like to understand more on the power of branding and how we can help your business we’d love to have a chat or you can choose one of our areas of focus below.

Following our brand strategy, identity and packaging redesign for Beerenberg they experienced a 30% increase in sales.